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Episode 202 – How Many Title Exceptions???

Sometimes when you send a property to the title company it’s a perfectly smooth transaction. You give them the paperwork, they do there research, everything comes back good and you purchase the property a few weeks later. Then there’s times like the one we’re talking about on today’s show!! This is a new one for us because we’ve never seen so many exceptions to title before. In the hundreds of deals we’ve closed this one by far takes the cake. I know what you’re thinking.. What’s an exception and how many did we see??? Great questions! An even better question is what do you do when the title report comes back a mess like this? Find out on the answer to all these on today’s show.

Episode 201 – Trust But Verify

One of the main reasons buying and selling Land is the best business to have is because there are numerous ways to outsource things for very little cost. Do you find Due Diligence boring? Hire someone to do it. Don’t like writing your sales copy? Hire someone. Answer your phones? There’s someone for that and like I mentioned before, this can all be done very cheap. This is your business though so you need to have some sort of process in place where you can keep an eye on what’s going on. Sort of a checks and balances. You hired a pro so trust that they’re doing there job but set something up for review so that you guys are always on the same page. We recently ran into this in our business and found out that things weren’t exactly what they seemed. You can hear all about it and how we handled it on today’s Podcast.

Episode 200 – Bringing The Smoke!

Today marks another huge milestone for us! Two Hundred episodes of land investing fun! To celebrate we’re sitting down and having a good ole free talk session. We touch a little on several different things including Justin’s desire to enter a room through a cloud of smoke and some other good items but we also take a minute to talk about the 200 hour sale for the Land Flipping Blueprint! From today (4/3/2020) at 8:00am CST to Saturday (4/11/2020) at 4:00pm CST we’ve got a great deal going on. We’ve even got an additional discount going on for people who’ve previously taken another course. So go check out our training page and get the details. The discounted price has already been applied so jump on over and get started!

Episode 199 – Current Market Pricing

With the Coronavirus still disrupting our daily lives there’s been a lot of talk of how we price our mailers and if we should be selling for less. The thought is that there may be a lot of potential sellers right now that are more likely to accept your offers at any price so why not lower them. On the sell side, some investors are contemplating lowering their prices well below market value in the hopes that they can keep the market turning. So how do we feel about all of this? You’re gonna have to tune in to find out!

Episode 198 – Matching Demand to Resources

Are you spending too much or too little on something in your business that is hurting you in the long run? It’s really easy to do. Things like the number of minutes you pay for with your answering service or the amount spent on mail. There’s things that are going to creep up on you and cost you in the long run. We recently made the mistake of not increasing our PatLive minutes when we sent all the mail for Project 1 and cost ourselves some money. Sometimes you don’t think about these things which is why we’re talking about it today. Hopefully we can bring some awareness to you and inspire you to do an audit of where you’re at and get things dialed in.

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