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Episode 227 – How Hard Should You Push Your Team?

As your Land Investing business grows so will your need for quality team members. Some of them will be great and some will need to be pushed. On Today’s show we’re going to be specifically talking about your team of Realtors but this goes for anyone that is helping you. Each person reacts to leadership in different ways so finding that balance between pushing someone to do there best and over managing them is a delicate. There may come a time though when the work you want done just flat out isn’t getting done. So how do you react at that point? These are important questions because the land flipping business is one that can be scaled very quickly and before you know it you’ll have a small team that you need to manage. With that in mind, join us today as we talk about what we do and how we get the best out of people.

Episode 226 – From Intern to Globe Trotting Land Investor with Bryan McCarthy

Around March of 2019 we were lucky enough to have Bryan McCarthy join us for an Internship here at Casual Fridays REI. He was just getting out of the Air Force and had already been investing in Land but wanted to take it full time. So, he reached out to Justin with an proposal to join us and the rest was history! We couldn’t be happier that he did and it’s been great to have him with us. He’s on the show today because towards the end of last year he told us that he and his wife, Becca, were going to be taking some time and moving to London while continuing to run his land investing business here in the states. Well, they’re back now and we wanted to hear all about it! So join us today as we learn what it’s like to truly live that laptop lifestyle and invest in Land while traveling abroad.

Episode 225 – Why Are You Doing Questionable Deals?

A lot of us in the Land Flipping Business are guilty of this… You do a marketing blitz, the calls start coming in and you’re evaluating properties. You’re get some good ones that you’re definitely going to buy and you get some that are definitely not worth buying but right there in the mix are some properties that you think to yourself, “I can probably make this work”. These properties may have questionable access or they may have questionable attributes or they may have a whole list of other items that should make you turn and run but for whatever reason we buy them. Well.. That’s what today’s show is here to correct! We should know better than this! There’s so many great opportunities out there that we don’t need to risk our money on deals that might not return anything. So, join us today as we combat these thoughts and only focus on the sure things!

Episode 224 – When Is The Deal Done?

There’s going to be times in your Land Investing career that you’ll speak to someone and they’ll tell you that they want to purchase your property. They’ll sound committed and excited and maybe even agree to a price but for whatever reason they need a day or so to go check out the property, get the sales agreement signed,  get you your down payment, etc. So, as anyone would, you’ll start to think you’ve got the property sold and waiting a day or so isn’t that uncommon. Then comes along another interested buyer. They tell you the same things but they seem a little bit more interested and seem to want to move a little quicker. So what do you do? Is the deal done with the first person? Do you play the two people off each other? Sell to the first person with money? These are all good questions and on today’s show we’re gonna talk all about them and how we handle it. So, join us because if this hasn’t happened yet it will definitely happen at some point in your career and you’ll want to be prepared.

Episode 223 – Building Wealth Using Self Directed IRAs with Brian Martinez

Did you know, if set up properly, you can use your retirement accounts to invest in Real Estate? This is such a great opportunity for people if they’re aware of how to do it and That’s why we’re really excited to have Brian Martinez on the show today! Brian is a Senior Business Development Representative with NuView Trust out of Longwood, Florida who helps people harness the power of investing with a Self Directed IRA. We’ve got a lot of questions for him because this is a topic that a lot of people are interested in but very few know much about. So join us today as we uncover all the ins and outs and see if this opportunity is right for you!


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